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Will Using Mirena Birth Control Make Me Gain Weight?

When a woman chooses a method of birth control like the pill, IUD, or another method that contains hormones, one of her chief concerns is whether or not she will gain weight. Unfortunately, when hormones are involved, some weight fluctuation can be expected.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Birth Control Method for Your Needs

Not every woman is a candidate for every type of birth control. Certain physical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes might preclude a woman from using birth control pills or an IUD that contains hormones like Mirena. Typically, women who smoke are also discouraged from using the pill or other hormonal methods due to the increased risk of heart attack or stroke. Women who carry some extra weight might also want to consider which method of birth control they choose if they do not want to gain even more weight.

Although studies associated with hormonal birth control devices stress that weight gain is not typical, some women do find that they will put on a few extra pounds especially if the method is used long-term. If a woman wants to use an IUD as her chosen contraceptive method, and she is concerned about weight gain, she might want to discuss a non-hormonal device, rather than Mirena, which releases the synthetic hormone levenorgestrel to prevent pregnancy. Since the Mirena device is designed to provide effective contraception for 5-10 years, the longer it is in place, the more likely some women will experience slight-to-moderate weight gain.

If weight gain is a concern, it is best to speak to a qualified physician to weigh the risks and benefits of using a Mirena IUD as your chosen form of birth control. Weight gain could be a relatively benign side effect of IUD use; Mirena has been linked to side effects that could include heavy bleeding, device migration and uterine perforation. Some women have been seriously injured by Mirena, prompting many to file lawsuits seeking financial compensation for their injuries.