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When Can I Expect My Period After Mirena IUD Removal?

Many women choose the MIrena IUD birth control device because it contains a synthetic hormone that can lighten and regulate the menstrual cycle. When the device is removed, however, a woman could experience changes in her cycle if the synthetic hormone is no longer present in her body.

There is No Sure Way to Predict Periods After Mirena Removal

The Mirena IUD contains the hormone levenorgestrel, which behaves in much the same manner as hormones in birth control pills. Many women take birth control pills to regulate their menstrual cycles, as well as to provide contraceptive benefits. Mirena is recommended to women with the same problem, but without the worry of having to remember to take a daily pill. If a woman’s period was irregular before she was implanted with Mirena, chances are, her cycle will be irregular after she has the device removed.

A Mirena IUD can remain in a woman’s body to provide effective birth control for up to 10 years. During that time, a woman needs to take into consideration how her body will change with age. Her menstrual cycle might not be the same as it was before the device was implanted.

If a woman has any concerns about her menstrual cycle after her IUD is removed, she needs to discuss those concerns with her doctor. Only a qualified physician has the knowledge to determine the changes in a woman’s cycle, and whether they are caused by her method of birth control, or another physical reason she might be unaware of.