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Will I Experience Drastic Weight Loss After Mirena IUD Removal?

Women who choose a birth control method like the pill or Mirena IUD are usually aware that the hormones in both contraceptives will have some effects on their bodies. Besides the changes to the menstrual cycle both methods bring on, some women might be susceptible to weight gain while using the pill or an IUD that releases hormones to help prevent pregnancy.

Mirena Manufacturer Claims Weight Fluctuations Minimal

Bayer, the manufacturer of the Mirena IUD, utilized many marketing tactics to excite women about the benefits of the Mirena IUD. One of the ways the company encouraged women to choose the device was to tell them that weight gain associated with Mirena would be minimal to non-existent. According to the Mirena Web site, “Scientific studies have shown that in general, users of the intrauterine system, the intrauterine device, or a contraceptive implant will not experience any change to their body weight as a result of the contraceptive they are using.” Unfortunately, many women put on weight while using Mirena.

The question of whether a woman will rapidly lose the weight she gained after having her Mirena IUD removed is one only a woman herself can answer. Removing Mirena will restore a woman’s fertility to what is was prior to using the device, but losing the weight gained during the time Mirena was in use depends upon a woman’s ability to cut her caloric intake. There is no scientific data that supports rapid weight loss after discontinuing Mirena.

When a woman seeks to use a birth control method, she should consult with a physician about the risks and benefits of available devices. Not all women will be ideal candidates for Mirena and will need to choose another method to meet their needs. Only a physician can recommend a prescription birth control method that is appropriate.